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Recent Testimonials

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I Feel Great

“With Rambo’s motivational and personal accountability I have managed to become more active, physically stronger and mentally tougher. This is a good place to invest your time to accomplish rea…Read More

Payton Scott and Kasi Reunion, Chattanooga

Great Trainers

"So far Rambo has helped me with my fitness issues and put me on a path to be healthier and more active. I am learning and understanding how to take care of my body for the first time in my life! Kee…Read More

Vincent and Jay, Chattanooga

Affordable Fitness

“Rambo has been training me for over a month now and I am already seeing results. Muscle tone is tighter and my body is beginning to shape up nicely. I am definitely getting what I expected out of e…Read More

Meg Cannon, Chattanooga

Professional Staff

“I have been training with Rambo for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier with his style of coaching and teaching. He is a no BS type trainer and his passion pushes me to success. His new …Read More

Finley King, Hamilton County High School Principal