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In this awesomely inspiring environment in Chattanooga, you will become stronger, lose weight and develop a more capable mind and body. If you have ever wanted to start lifting weights or learn how obtain a stonger body please don’t wait any longer. Strength training programs are beneficial for all ages, and both WOMAN and men, proven by Scientific Facts! I will show you how to lift, teach you how to design the best strength training programs and inspire you to make it happen for yourself!


Do you need to lose a few pounds, increase you physical activity and improve your overall muscle tone? I welcome you to come share that challenge with a private group of individuals doing the same thing. Come allow me to lead you and teach you how to exercise properly beginning first thing in the morning to best start your day. Come challenge yourself in AM! We will be working back to back exercises for high reps at a moderate to fast pace and stay moving constantly for one hour. 


I’m here to teach you, motivate you and hold you accountable personally for improving your mind and body. I love fitness and nutrition, so please allow me to share with you what I know and how to make it work for you! We will track body fat %, BMI, strength, body weight, caloric intake and other healthy behaviors to help you better understand your body and lifestyle choices. You will learn everything you need to know about taking care of your body!

Perseverance Training

Never Stop! Never Quit! You are Capable! It Is Possible!

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I Feel Great

“With Rambo’s motivational and personal accountability I have managed to become more active, physically stronger and mentally tougher. This is a good place to invest your time to accomplish real fi…Read More

Payton Scott and Kasi Reunion, Chattanooga

Great Trainers

"So far Rambo has helped me with my fitness issues and put me on a path to be healthier and more active. I am learning and understanding how to take care of my body for the first time in my life! Keep up…Read More

Vincent and Jay, Chattanooga

Affordable Fitness

“Rambo has been training me for over a month now and I am already seeing results. Muscle tone is tighter and my body is beginning to shape up nicely. I am definitely getting what I expected out of each …Read More

Meg Cannon, Chattanooga