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I love to teach weightlifting and strength training as a foundation to functional fitness. Come learn how to use barbells, dumbbells, Olympic lifts and progressions, pulling or battle ropes, slam balls, sledges, and many other awesome conditioning methods! I will teach you how to use all of it properly and efficiently.

I love to teach nutrition and help individuals reach their weightloss goals through education, learning and discipline. It is not as hard as you think and you get to eat plenty of food I promise! Please allow me to teach you how to understand your body's food requirements and make them work for you.     

If your ready to make some serious lifesyle changes, right now, I am the man to lead you, guide you and support you through these challenges. I want to bare the weight with you and help you lift yourself up again! I am ready… Are You?                                   

You want the best results? Then do the best exercises for the most returns!

Overhead Press, Barbell Row, Bench/ Incline Press, Barbell Curl, Pull-Up

Overhead Squat, Front Squat, Back Squat, Deadlift, Snatch, Cleans, Jerks

Core Slam, Core Training, Rope Pull, Battle Ropes, Sledge Swing, Sled Push and much more!

Perseverance Training

Never Stop! Never Quit! You are Capable! It Is Possible!

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Our Satisfied Clients


I Feel Great

“With Rambo’s motivational and personal accountability I have managed to become more active, physically stronger and mentally tougher. This is a good place to invest your time to accomplish real fi…Read More

Payton Scott and Kasi Reunion, Chattanooga

Great Trainers

"So far Rambo has helped me with my fitness issues and put me on a path to be healthier and more active. I am learning and understanding how to take care of my body for the first time in my life! Keep up…Read More

Vincent and Jay, Chattanooga

Affordable Fitness

“Rambo has been training me for over a month now and I am already seeing results. Muscle tone is tighter and my body is beginning to shape up nicely. I am definitely getting what I expected out of each …Read More

Meg Cannon, Chattanooga