BS Human Health and Performance- Nutrition

After studying Food and Nutrition at the University of Tennesssee at Chattanooga I know what the body needs to grow, how to get the body to respond to proper eating programs and how to guide individuals to a healthier lifestyle through improved decision making and discipline. Don't be confused or persuaded by public media influence when it comes to learning how to be healthy. YOU WILL LOSE! 

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

It's no secret - fitness training has been proven to prevent disease, strengthen your health and improve your confidence and outlook on life. As a certified fitness trainer, I'm deeply trained in everything from muscle mechanics to flexibility and cardiovascular dynamics. So if you want to live a stronger and more confident life, I've got the training and the expertise to help you every step of the way.

ISSA Specialist in Strength & Conditioning

Until recently, most people believed that power athletes are born and not made. That has changed. Modern training techniques can make anybody faster, stronger, and more powerful. Athletes at all levels - from grade school to the NFL - can sharpen their competitive edge with the help of an expert trainer. As a certified specialist in this area, I can help you expand your body's capacity for challenging athletic feats while remaining strong and free from injury.

ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist

When most individuals think about the sport of bodybuilding, images of big, dumb guys grunting and throwing weight around are often conjured up. This could not be further from the truth! Serious bodybuilders are part athlete, part scientist, and part artist. As a specialist in this area, I can provide training, recovery, motivational, and nutritional strategies to help you achieve maximal muscle growth and optimize physical appearance.

ISSA Specialist in Sports Nutrition

A good exercise program is only half the story. Equally important is proper nutrition. Synthesizing a cutting-edge, scientifically sound diet and nutrition regimen will radically increase the effectiveness of your exercise training sessions. As a certified specialist in this area, I can help you reach your performance goals faster than you'd previously imagined possible.

USAW Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

I teach resistance training, strength training and weightlifting which includes: Basic and advance weightlifting technique and form, Compound and isolation exercises, Olympic lifts and full-body circuit exercises. I provide you with an individual weightlifting program which means you train smart and efficient to get results!