One of my life's missions is to properly educate the public in the science of nutrition and lead them to through a lifestyle of disease free performance and longevity. Proper nutrition combined with a strong training program is the cornerstone to living a long meaningful live without disease or physical limitations.  

I chose to get a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Consumer Foods because of my own personal journey. I wanted to find a better way to improving overall health, preventing illness, combating health problems and creating longevity to optimal overall health. The healthcare industry is broken and misleading with minimum concern for improving overall health and performance. Healthcare is about treating disease, not preventing it from the start. The Fitness industry is about preventing disease. You can prevent a majority of health issues by following a good nutrition and fitness program!

I combine a nutrition & fitness plan with your preferences to meet the needs of your health.

Food is medicine. Science is facts.

Understanding is power.

Doing is the Life Key to good overall health!