Personal Training

Rambo P.T. provides a small gym atmosphere with only 1-2 people training with me in a 3500 sqft state of the art fitness facility. Each program will be created to meet your personalized needs and fitness goals. 

Monthly Packages Include personalized nutrition plans, 24/7 gym access code & bi monthly Inbody Body Composition Analysis. 

Monthly Prices :

4 x 1hr sessions per week - $480 (@$30)

3 x 1hr sessions per week - $420 (@$35)

2 x 1hr sessions per week - $320 (@$40)

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Inbody Consultation

30 minutes: $25.00

InBody Body Composition Analysis

Body composition analysis will provide accurate measurements of body water, skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass and body fat percentage as well as body part proportion breakdown. I will evaluate your results and give the feedback you need to improve your fitness program and reach your goals, The Inbody Analysis allows us to accurately track body composition changes and update your training program appropriately. Without a good tracking system how do you track progress or know if your changes are providing results? 

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